our services

 Increasing Thaba Chweu Local Municipality's exposure to potential investors
 Promoting Thaba Chweu Local Municipality as a preferred destination for business location and investment
 Co-ordinating all assistance available to investors in order to provide them with comprehensive solutions
 Facilitation of strategic alliances, joint ventures and encourage participation of local communities
 Promotion of Public Private Partnerships
 Provision of business support services
 Creation of networking platforms by inviting local, national and international delegates to conferences and exhibitions
 Promotion of Thaba Chweu products to new markets through trade missions and exhibitions
 To facilitate access to available factory space and industrial land
 To conduct feasibility studies and facilitate project funding
 Acting as agents for and on behalf of the Municipality for the purpose of implementing economic, social and environmental policies and projects in areas within the municipal boundaries
 To collect income, raise, receive and hold funds, or receive guarantees, from any lawful source, for the purpose of Agency and to manage, administer and disburse the funds in pursuance of the objectives of the Agency and for administrative purposes in accordance with terms and conditions determined by the Agency and approved by the Municipality.